Learning English in London – What a Great Opportunity

The City of London is the home of the English language in many ways, but that isn’t the only reason so many non-native speakers choose to study here – there is far more to this remarkable city than the opportunity to learn the English language with native speakers on their native soil.

That, however, isn’t to say that the opportunity to learn English in London isn’t an excellent one, far from it, as learning English in England, elsewhere in the UK, or in Australia, Canada, or the US, is an excellent opportunity, one to seize with both hands.

Why Learn English in London?

To answer that question, it’s perhaps best to let the numbers speak for themselves –every year more than 600,000 people travel to the UK to learn the English language.

Granted, not all of these people study in London, but as it’s such an exciting place, one that’s rich in culture and history, is decidedly multicultural, and could easily be described as the global hub for business, fashion, and practically everything else of note, it can’t be denied that London is a fantastic place to learn English.

Here are five more reasons.

  1. London offers the most comprehensive range of English courses in the world
  2. There are usually many opportunities for students to work whilst they learn
  3. There are excellent travel links from the UK to Europe and major destinations
  4. Language qualifications earned in the UK are recognised all over the world
  5. The UK, and England in particular, is the birthplace of the English language

And there are many more reasons why you will find it advantageous to, as the Italians might say, study at Delfin scuola d’Inglese Londra, including the fact that you’ll have so much fun. As a young person with a bright future ahead of you, that’s a reason in itself to join a short or long English course in the City of London.

London and Studying English – The Perfect Combination

It suffices to say that you’ll have a great time studying English in London, especially if you study and stay in Central London where all the action is.

Many of the leading language schools are located in central parts of the city, so if you study at a school in Bloomsbury Square, which is a vibrant part of the city, you’ll be able to take advantage of the close proximity to some of the world’s finest shopping on Oxford Street, the culture (and the pubs) of Covent Garden, the nightlife of Soho, and everything else the city has to offer.

Accommodation is plentiful and usually in the form of hostels aimed at students studying at the language schools nearby, so you’ll be staying in comfy digs with your fellow students, and won’t be wanting for company during your stay.

If you’re contemplating continuing your studies in the English language so as to get worldwide recognised certification, arranging an English language course in Central London could be the best move you ever make.